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The Meaning of Life | Muslim | God | The Universal Source | Humanity | Non-Judgement | World Peace


Like many watchers I am not a Muslim. Though I am given to understand that a Muslim is someone who believes in what I would call the “Undivided Creative Intelligence that underpins all reality”. As Guru Nanak said “There is One Reality. It’s Name is Truth” in describing the “Universal Source”.

So many people do believe. Unfortunately religion often gets so caught up with dogma and focuses on those things that divide people that it fails to notice, we all have a lot in common.

One life. One Source. One human race.

Humans interpret scripture sometimes to say, this way is the only way. Rather than this way is the way for me and other people exist too and they have some different beliefs to me…but  if “God”/”Allah”/”Source” deemed them worthy of existence then to make any judgement against a person for their differences…whatever they may be…is kind of like saying, “God” did an imperfect job and my judgement makes me superior to something created.

I am not a Christian either. But when Jesus said, “Judge not lest ye be judged”, I think he was saying, if you choose to make a judgement over anything or anyone that exists as being less worthy than you, you create within yourself a conflict or division that we’re not intended to have.

It is that assumption of superiority required for us to judge another that creates enemies within and without and compromises our connection to the Source. No one wants to do that deep down. Judge others enough and you could end up perceiving the human race as your enemy and…well…if you opt out of the one human race, you’re sacrificing your own humanity as you go.

I don’t believe we are judged and sent to hell…but I do believe someone could lose their humanity to the extent that  facing their “God” could become untenable.

We don’t know how this all works yet. I teach energy healing. I consider it neutral and it doesn’t have any place in my personal religious observations. But it’s very important to me.

I tend not to talk about religion (though I have studied it) for the same reason someone who wrote a book on meditation techniques wouldn’t include information on their religion as it wouldn’t be appropriate.

However, at a time when we are being told by mainstream media that there is a terrorist threat and Muslims want all non Muslims dead…I think your passion and eloquence speak for themselves. And many people…part of our one human race…feel like you do.

Thank you for sharing xxx

ALM (Maya)


There Can Be A Better World | You are an EXTRAORDINARY person; just like EVERYONE ELSE


Please enjoy the new Anonymous Official vid below ♡


I think people know what my principles are. What I believe in, in a philosophical sense. My Aspergers may make this easier for me to see sometimes because my mind constantly looks for ‘faults in the matrix’ so to speak…and never could understand the concept of ‘assumed authority’. I consider it makes me a hippie. Others might say it makes me a heretic, rebel or radical. But I know, I’m not the only one.

I teach for my work and I love what I do. I have contact with people who are seeking to learn alternatives to the mainstream every day of my life. And I am honoured to work with people all around the world who have maintained or are working on empowering themselves…finding themselves…considering there may be another way.

My emphasis has always been on teaching people for the purpose of empowerment…not teaching to learn by rote but to find the confidence in themselves and their choices and views that the world tends to undermine.

I am a human being. I care about the things that make us human beings. I don’t care about those things that undermine our humanity, happiness and freedom. I do have religious and spiritual beliefs. But I first and foremost believe in people.

Remember, you are and EXTRAORDINARY person – just like EVERYONE ELSE. If anyone makes you feel that’s not true, question their motivation. No one is the boss of you!

My feeds have personal stuff in. They reflect my personal beliefs and I expect you can tell quite a bit about me from them. (Even if I didn’t share openly that kind of information through my work and personal blog I think I have used social media so long people have an idea of what my principles are!). If this resonates with you, please follow my feed/blogs. And please share those things that move you with your friends too.

Love to all xx
Anna Louise May (Maya)


Below…the passionate words of Will McAvoy from the video…

Will McAvoy: It’s not the greatest country in the world, professor, that’s my answer.

Moderator: You’re saying…

Will McAvoy: Yes.

Moderator: Let’s talk about…

Will McAvoy: Fine. Sharon, the NEA is a loser. Yeah, it accounts for a penny out of our paychecks, but he gets to hit you with it anytime he wants. It doesn’t cost money, it costs votes. It costs airtime and column inches. You know why people don’t like liberals? Because they lose. If liberals are so fuckin’ smart, how come they lose so GODDAM ALWAYS!

Sharon: Hey…

Will McAvoy: [turns to Lewis] And with a straight face, you’re going to tell students that America is so starspangled awesome that we’re the only ones in the world who have freedom? Canada has freedom, Japan has freedom, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, BELGIUM has freedom! Two hundred and seven sovereign states in the world, like 180 of them have freedom.

Moderator: All right…

Will McAvoy: And yeah, you… sorority girl. Just in case you accidentally wander into a voting booth one day, there are some things you should know, and one of them is: There is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that we’re the greatest country in the world. We’re seventh in literacy, twenty-seventh in math, twenty-second in science, forty-ninth in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, third in median household income, number four in labor force, and number four in exports. We lead the world in only three categories: number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real, and defense spending, where we spend more than the next twenty-six countries combined, twenty-five of whom are allies. None of this is the fault of a 20-year-old college student, but you, nonetheless, are without a doubt a member of the WORST-period-GENERATION-period-EVER-period, so when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about! Yosemite?

Will McAvoy: [pause] We sure used to be. We stood up for what was right. We fought for moral reasons, we passed laws, struck down laws for moral reasons. We waged wars on poverty, not poor people. We sacrificed, we cared about our neighbors, we put our money where our mouths were, and we never beat our chest. We built great big things, made ungodly technological advances, explored the universe, cured diseases, and we cultivated the world’s greatest artists and the world’s greatest economy. We reached for the stars, acted like men. We aspired to intelligence; we didn’t belittle it; it didn’t make us feel inferior. We didn’t identify ourselves by who we voted for in the last election, and we didn’t scare so easy. We were able to be all these things and do all these things because we were informed. By great men, men who were revered. The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.

Will McAvoy: [to moderator] Enough?

Thank you for reading…and…remember “You have to be odd to be number one”…don’t strive to be less than you are!


Anna Louise May (Maya)