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How do I remember life before life…am I remembering #heaven?



NEW VID | https://youtu.be/Azev7P4aIYM | #SoftSpeaking #ASMR #WhisperingWitch. How do I remember life before life…am I remembering #heaven?. New #Whispering #Witch #Nocturnal #Heart to Heart.

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An Article About Getting it Right by ALM (Maya)


Indulgent Divulgent from the Heart of Maya ♡ | Expanded from a reply to Mayastar Academy’s FB page | http://www.maya.mayastar.net

Sharing a memory and in gratitude of the message and delivery…and to Ms Atkins for a message that I resonated so strongly with, it is no stretch to say It changed my life…gradually…but I never forgot the message or the lady.  ♡

Indulgent Divulgent from the Heart of Maya ♡ |

I remember, when I was about 14,  a particular assembly at my boarding school where the pupils kind of mocked the Head Mistress for being a soft touch. She ignored them. Never confrontational. It was clear other staff members didn’t agree with her ‘turning the other cheek’ and walking away…I don’t mean she mooned them! That was a metaphor!

And besides she had two rottweilers in the shape of the deputy heads that would pick out the trouble makers later and give them pointless tasks for their trouble!

But 27 years on the message of that assembly has stuck with me.

Her point being that there are choices and not always second chances so life should be approached not assuming opportunities today will still be there tomorrow – and in such a way that we don’t live with regets.

That was a synopsis of what was a very empassioned speech. She was kind but staid. Forgiving but aloof. Accepting but kind of stoic. And old fashioned in a way that to be empassioned at all was unusual. So the speech was unusual…perhaps more a heart to heart with the students. And it made an indellible mark on me. I was 14. I hadn’t ever seen anyone make an empassioned speech without a religious context. And I was genuinely moved.

It stands in my mind as being unlike her other assemblies she was so emphatic and animated  during the discourse that.  I don’t think all were pleased about this about this…I caught the deputy heads exchanging glances. But they were ‘by the book’ types. Where stoicism becomes a rod for your back.

I suppose I had assume Ms Atkins was of that ilk. But I was very wrong.

This was clearly important to her. She knew education went beyond teaching. I am sure she was speaking of her own realisations (this was not  religious assembly). And that she genuinely cared that everyone in her care knew this information and didn’t have to learn it the hard way.

I have reflected on it often over the years. And now feel I come to understand it. And I teach the same.

Mayastar has a number of principles that permeate my work and teaching style. And I am truly blessed that my aspergers brain was engaged and listening to her. Maybe the fact she was picked on more than me at school made her seem less of the rottweiler and more “of the people” to me. 

#RussellBrand went to my school briefly…I don’t know if he heard this speech but I don’t think so. I think it is something he would advocate now if he had 🙂

It seems simple now. I was half hypnotised by the rituals of my life as a boarder and usually stared out windows in assembly (Aspergirls eh!). But she had me engaged. I don’t know if I understood fully her message at the time but I remembered enough of the delivery to know this was important. I will never forget her saying that our only objective in life is “getting it right”.

She was a great teacher. She inspired me a great deal. At first she seemed the least likely person i would listen to.

I feel really honoured to have known her. She can’t imagine the legacy of her words that day and what it meant for me later in other situations as I gained perspective and my own conclusions. But the difference she made to me personally and all aspects of my life is something I will always treasure.

People can be the most amazing people! I have known a lot of them and my work in Metaphysical Solutions and teaching through Mayastar Academy has allowed me to express my soul purpose. And I truly give thanks for Ms Atkins’ speech. Anyone who finds my empassioned teaching irreverent,, know that I teach what I know and I feel passionately about doing so. Such is the nature of the vocation. ♡

Very blessed ♡ Maya



Child-Like VS Childish

Busy night with a lull in the middle so am indulging in a guilty pleasure by watching #cbb (Celebrity Big Brother).

I have no idea who any of the people in the house are at all. I haven’t watched mainstream TV for…over a decade. I used to watch cbb because it was short and usually you knew the people in it or some of them. But not knowing who they are doesn’t seem to detract from the shock horror car crash bizarre behaviour from people who for the most part seem to live within the confines of their egos.

In my work I connect with people who are doing the opposite. They are working on self realisation, spiritual development and expressing their higher will…students, clients and artists are of a similar mind to me and I think over time I have come to see people I would have considered normal to often actually be living within the confines of seeking approval and trying to be like others.

I think even it it weren’t for the nature of my work through http://www.mayastar.net and http://www.mayamagickal.net, my aspergers would never allow me to consider anyone’s way more valid…or any reactionary ego driven lifestyle appealing…or any compromise to one’s true self anything less than spiritual suicide.

It is still shocking to see adults behaving like kids…forming cliques and mouthing off…threatening others…it is truly shocking.

Child-like is good…childish is most definitely not!

♡♡♡ to my dad for a bumper crop of cheese cake! So yummy 😀

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Another thing you may wish to consider when looking at other facilities is that  Mayastar Academy retains your student record (securely and indefinitely) so validation of your qualifications is easily available; this may be required for insurance purposes or to confirm your credentials with an employer, client or student in the future.

All Mayastar Academy courses include the following…

  • Accredited course materials sent to you in pdf format by email

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  • Unlimited ongoing email support beyond the duration of your course

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All Mayastar Academy courses are fully accredited by the International Natural Healers Association and the World Metaphysical Association so you may be sure of the quality of your tuition and the comprehensiveness of the course materials provided.  Note – this is not a ‘bought’ accreditation but a verifiable attainment earned through assessment of my course materials and validation of my credentials.

As well as passing on knowledge and teaching new skills, Mayastar promotes a holistic view of healing on all levels and empowerment of the individual when it comes to learning, choice and pursuit of their spiritual path. For more information about the Mayastar philosophy, please visit the website.

All attunement courses confer the ability to attune others.  The only exceptions to these will have noted on the prerequisites that another attunement is required to receive this course or another is needed to pass on attunement to others.

So what might you expect when you enrol with Mayastar Academy?

I will cover the details of how a course or course package for any student will work from start to finish as an example to give you some idea of what to expect…

1. You select the course or courses you would like to take.  If you would to advice you can email me for this; tell me a little about what you would like to achieve with the work and I can help with recommendations.

However, if you have chosen the course or courses you would like and would like to take advantage of the course package discount, then email me with your order and I will send a paypal request to you to allow you to pay the reduced figure securely online by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.  Paypal uses military level encryption and the vendor never sees the card details of the payee making it exceptionally secure.

Discounts for course packages vary depending on the number of courses selected but begin at 20% for 3 courses and increase with the more courses you enrol on.

2. Once I have received your payment I will contact you within 24 hours with your course information.  This is sent to you in PDF format by email.  You will also receive information manuals that will inform and give context to the course content with information about attunements, metaphysics, energy healing, energy anatomy and much more.

3. If you have booked a number of courses with a lot of attunements, I will contact you to find out if you would like to arrange a schedule for your attunements so that they are set up for you each week (usually at the rate of 1-3 a week depending on your requirement and the types of energy that the attunements are for).  If you would like this option, I then work out a weekly schedule for you with the dates and times I will be setting up the attunements.  When each attunement is ready you will receive confirmation from me by email to tell you it is ready for you to call in at your convenience and where relevant, with an extended package, I would then send the manual/manuals that relate to the attunements for the following week.

4.  Energy attunements are set up using the Orb of Life/Chi Ball/Call In method.  This is a means of sending distant attunements and basically involves me creating an Orb of energy and programming it with the attunement and the relevant energy which I channel.  An ‘OOL’ doesn’t expire; they are programmed to be self sustaining – to both preserve and contain the energy of the attunement, until you activate them by calling them to you (instructions on how to do this will be given in the course information manuals – Part I of the Book of Inspiration tells you all about attunements!).  Universal energy is exactly what it says, Universal; time and distance do not apply when working with this energy which can feel odd to people used to working solely in linear time.  For that reason, for anyone who feels a little to unsure about using the OOL method, I offer the option of scheduled/fixed/real time attunements too.

You can find detailed information about energy attunements and how they work at www.mayastar.net/attunements.htm

5. If you choose to have a fixed time attunement there is an additional £20 fee per attunement for this because of the amount of additional time it ties up (not just the time for the attunement but when I am working to an appointed time it means all aspects of my life including meal times have to be ‘scheduled’ around the attunement!).  If you wish to take this option you would simply email me with the dates/times for the attunement that would be suitable for you over a 7 day period and I would check the diary to see what would fit in well and we can work out a mutually convenient time/date for the attunement.

6.  If a fixed appointment is missed, the attunement is missed because it is sent and received in real time.  In order to complete the course if this happens, you would need to make a payment of £40 total for re-attunement (this covers the administrative time, wasted time and time for the new appointment).

NOTE: These options have been introduced with the additional fees for monthly payments and scheduled appointments for attunements because they were not used often by students, but whenever they were they were proportionately very time consuming when it came to administration.  So in order to keep prices lower and allow discounts for packages that the majority of my students would benefit from, I decided to implement changes that reflected additional cost, only where an option caused additional work.

7. After your attunement I will prepare your Accredited Certificate of Achievement and email it to you in PDF format. Your certificate will have details of your ‘lineage’: A tradition with energy healing modalities dating back to Dr. Usui is that a record of the teachers who have passed down the line from the originator of the modality are detailed for you.

All my courses are fully accredited by the INHA (International Natural Healers Association) and WMA (World Metaphyscial Association) who accredit myself as a teacher and Mayastar Academy as a teaching facility.  This accreditation is earned through assessment of my work and verification of my credentials and not to be confused with other apparent ‘accreditations’ that people simply buy but do not validate the quality of their work in any way at all.

This is important to note as Mayastar Academy teaches students all over the world.  The online nature of courses and international recognition through accreditation mean that wherever you are in the world, you can study with Mayastar!

8. Beyond the duration of your course I am always just an email away if you have any enquiries related to your course or furthering your qualification.  I can be contacted at any time and there isn’t a limit on email support provided.

9. Once you complete a course, you may choose to ‘upgrade’ it to a higher qualification such as an Accredited Diploma or including it in a package towards an Advanced Accredited Diploma, Degree or even Doctorate; these options are always open and can be worked towards incrementally to allow them to be accessible to everyone!

10. You will receive a copy of the Information Pack and some information about the services I provide through Maya Magickal along with your course materials…as well as a free e-Book about the power of gratitude in manifestation work – an invaluable read!

The information pack answers many frequently asked questions and includes information about a number of different subjects that may be of assistance especially when learning about Mayastar and how things are put together with this kind of course.

You may use the link at the top of this page to request a copy of the information pack now; and also receive complimentary access to special offers open to newsletter subscribers which include special packages, spell offers and course discounts that are updated fortnightly.

Higher qualifications are also available through Mayastar and also are professionally, internationally accredited. From Advanced Diplomas to degrees and the Mayastar Doctorate, there are options available to suit students of any level.  With any large course package or when a student purchases a large course package like the doctorate, which includes 108 courses (the syllabus has over 200), attunement to all of these and the administration costs. For higher qualifications, a student supplies written work in addition to their attunement (see www.mayastar.net/diploma.htm) and each higher qualification is built up from Higher Diplomas so the student may either take these separately, or save a lot of money and buy the entire package…this saves over 50% on taking the courses individually.

Some are intimidated to know whether they will be able to complete the work.  So let me assure you…first of all, I always set up the student’s programme of study tailored to them after purchase and discussion about how much time they are able to dedicate each day to their work. This way study is moderated by me and this ensures it stays manageable for you!  And you are able to work around your life without disruption and include your studies, dedicating as much time as you wish.
The difference with the higher qualifications is that you submit written work.  This can be a concern to some but I have many students all around the world and it’s not as daunting a prospect in reality as it may seem before you start!  And I do have beginners in Energy Healing working towards Doctorates; there is absolutely no reason why not – whatever your experience.  If you feel inspired to take that option, as you complete the required work for the Accredited Mayastar Academy & Lux Aeterna Templum Universitas Natural Healing & Spiritual Development Doctorate (PhD) you will be learning as you go and developing new skills in different modalities.
Each higher qualifcation is made up of a number of Higher Diplomas – the Diploma category menus on the top right of the page show you which you can choose from and the courses on those individual course menus can be chosen to complete that module of your overall course.  Each modality in higher qualifications should be accompanied by a 500 word essay on that system and 3 case studies to demonstrate experience and understanding.  This sounds like a lot of work!  But as I said, all packages are tailored to the student’s requirement to facilitate the programme for each individual.
Students are encouraged to make and retain notes of their experiences during attunements, healing sessions and meditations, and as long as this is carried out, when it comes to submitting written work, you will find you have everything you need.  So although initially the concept may seem daunting, it is possible for students to decide how many hours they can realistically commit each day/week on a consistent basis and for me to work out their attunement programme allowing them time for the written work, meditation/healing practice and receiving their attunements as well as studying the course materials.
For most students a programme of 2-3 attunements each week works well – and means if you dedicate on average 1 hour a day, you will be able to complete any programme.  And it is flexible enough that you can work it around your life and commitments while you work towards your PhD.

I hope this has explained more about Mayastar for you.

You may also visit the website to find more information about me, the Mayastar Philosophy, courses available, how courses work, energy attunements and much more at http://www.mayastar.net
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