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Watch “Christmas 2016 | ALM (Maya) & My Nephews” on YouTube | My First Upload ♡



My first YouTube upload ♡

Personal vid…fabulous Christmas with my family and my crazy nephews who think I’m a real princess (glad to know someone noticed!).

Note: Cleavage comment relates to the fact that somehow when they’re hugging me they manage to pull my tops down until I look like I’m advertising a “say goodbye to your feet” style bra!

Fave quotes of the day…

“Because you’re a real princess, have you got a kingdom?”

“If you’ve already got a boyfriend, could I be your second boyfriend?”

“As you’re related and you’ve been so nice can you be our second mummy?”

Sweeties! A really great evening with my sister,  mum, stepfather, boyfriend, brother in law and my crazy nephews who may now be my nephews, children and boyfriends!

ALM (Maya) xxx


I LOVE… | Waking up to The Libertines | Britpop, Lush, Veganism, Cruelty Free


I love…waking up to The Libertines & Babyshambles! Guaranteed to have me dancing from the bed to the kitchen for my Applecl Cider Vinegar & Honey ♡

Setting me up for a day catching up with my Mayastar admin…well…after a Lush bath! Thinking today’s a good day for the Frozen Bath Bomb – it’s sooo yummy and refreshing.

Also am behind on my blogs got updates for my vegan, stoptober & crueltyfree skincare experiments.

Results so far…so mixed. But nothing suits my face like CremedelaMer…and I have something to say about that too!!! 😀

♡ ALM (Maya) ♡

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