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Best Transformation Vlog | Veganism & Cancer

Love this ♡ Joe @BestTransformation​ re #cancer and #veganism. I would have to agree with his summary…meat def has been shown to increase the risk of a range of cancers. Dairy cows (until recently…I think this has been stopped) were dosed with a drug that increased #lactation and was #carcinogenic. In a sick twist, the increased risk of #breastcancer wasn’t a problem to the people who made that drug for the cows because they also made the drugs for human breast cancers!

I personally don’t consider myself #vegan. Though I am allergic to dairy (weirdly it causes a rash rather than any gastrointestinal problems so I didn’t realise what it was for a loooong time), so I avoid it. I never really liked meat. So I avoid that…I could go months or years without eating it and not notice!  So my diet is ‘primarily’ vegan. #plantbasedvegan in fact! And if the fact I don’t actually buy meat because I don’t like it and prefer other foods isn’t enough, I have a moral issue with the #crueltytoanimals that have been raised as food. I object to the language too – that they can “grow a chicken in 28 days” and stuff.

Modern farming highlights the true cost of the current rampant social #narcissism and #consumerism. IMO anyway.

We have charities against cruelty to pets…but people have a difficulty seeing the meat they eat as once being a living or sentient lifeform.

Too many “food products” and not enough real food and within decades we treat animals as commodities.  I don’t think that’s a good thing.

In my course manuals I mention a #karmically sound diet…this may mean different things to different people. But if you have a conscience and you learn the facts about how animals for consumption are treated and you consider it immoral and unnecessary,  then on some level, whenever you eat meat your conscience will ask you…where did it live? How did it live? How did it die? Did the money you paid for it support a karmically sound practice or fund some kind of animal abuse?

I may sound like I am preaching a bit. I’m really not. I am not millitant about what I think others should do or think…I only would say, ignorance isn’t bliss…it’s just ignorance! I do think it’s important people question what their money is supporting because money can be considered a symbol of one’s energy.

If people bought my courses (for example) and I was using that money to support a meth habit (extreme example!) rather than to pay my bills and maintain my health and studies so that I am always doing the best job possible (while making my decisions about lifestyle in as ‘karmically sound’ way as I can).

But for those who don’t consider lifestyle a moral issue at all…the question of health is relevant to everyone.

Xx Maya