Venus Angelic Vs Self Proclaimed Satanist Margaret Palermo (her mother) | Online Drama | Epic Trolling


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Anyone who has watched the drama unfold…#MargaretPalermo (self proclaimed #Satanist) is the mother of a youtube “star” #VenusAngelic.

Venus is 19 and recently left home and married her boyfriend. They live in Japan. Venus is posts up all kinds…#kawaii #lolita #livingdoll fashions, make up tutorials etc. Her channel has been going for years and she is very popular.

Her mother framed events very differently. Accused Venus of running away and being brainwashed. Accused her husband of being a Paedophile. Accused Venus of being mentally ill, manipulative and of cruelty to animals. She also claimed due to this she (Margaret) was now homeless.

Margaret posted up blogs of herself naked in the shower at an airport to substantiate this claim. She keeps posting stuff and deleting it…but also deleting the comments of people on #IG  because recently she (according to herself and Venus), got Venus’s YouTube channel taken down due to copyright issues. She phoned the police at some point claiming Venus was being abused. This wasn’t true.

All kinds of crazy has gone on. Margaret is coming off as mentally ill…or just nasty and literally #trolling her daughter. And Venus’ fans are posting all over the net…Margaret’s made herself infamous…

She has made some videos on YouTube, saying she hopes her haters get raped (yes…really…she’s supposedly the adult). Also of sleeping in a hostel and travelling by train in Japan.

Yet…she now claims to he selling Venus’s “stuff”. Stuff she says she owned herself or Venus owned but no longer wants. Yet…something seems a bit off…is this truly with Venus’s permission? Are any of the proceeds going to Venus? If she is homeless, how would anyone know they were buying something that genuinely belonged to Venus?

Everything about this online drama gets weirder and more unbelievable by the day.
I strongly expect Margaret will delete my question…she censors her feed because the posts are mostly from angry fans of Venus who just want Margaret to leave her daughter alone.

Apparently the youtube issue is being sorted out and Venus will get her channel back up soon.

Never seen anything like this online before…

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