Lush Cosmetics vs Rimmel London


#selfieoftheday after finding the packaging for lush cosmetics was so bad 3 applicators broke themselves…for £15 I expect it to work…and sadly for quality it’s not worth the price either – takes a lot of blending to use their “eyeliners” which don’t actually dry and have completely the wrong shaped application brush…the lipsticks are good if you want to stain your lips otherwise they smudge. But of 6 or 8, 3 of the applicators have broken. A shame. Totally can’t recommend them.

Can recommend #rimmel – who still make the same copper eyeliner I wore 20 years ago…do have decent quality eyeliners and mascaras…a third of the price you’d pay Lush. I wouldn’t advocate buying cheap bases…but I bought Rimmel’s version of #YSL #toucheclat and I may be a bit biased as I’ve bought YSL for so long…but the rimmel one does seem fine. If it applies quickly without too much blending time and doesn’t irritate my eyes…and does reflect light…it’s fine. So I will give cheaper alternatives a go because I’m sorry…though initially they were ok, the problems with lush cosmetics isn’t just a compromise on range of colour or consistency and price…but also broken applicators.

Too much of a compromise.

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