Aspergers & High Functioning Autism ♡


Oooh sooo much like my own attitude! Neurotypicals often described Aspergers as a “syndrome”. An idea as absurd to me as having curly hair syndrome or green eyes syndrome. So…my brain has more and more densely packed neural pathways…that gives me a good memory, often word for word. It gives me a high IQ and a perspective referred to as HIGHER FUNCTIONING.

I forgive those with lower functioning all the time…those with “Neurotypical Syndrome”.

It doesn’t make me better…it’s just my brain formation. It isn’t like socipathy or borderline personality disorder that may need meds. There is no treatment except lifetyle habits for Aspers…because there isn’t anything wrong with us.

On the other hand, those who rank highly on the narcissistic (lower functioning) spectrum, have problems with co-dependence, a need for external validation and self esteem issues that would be alien to me.

When I consider this, I almost pity their more ego centred perspective – to me it looks like being neurotypical must be quite a bind.

Xxx ALM (Mayastar)


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