Good Evening ♡ Stream of Consciousness on Waking!


I’m awake…I just have to move or something. Do Starbucks deliver yet???

No. I feel ok. Gonna get up and workout for a couple of hours. Tried to do test of Mineral Magic for a vlog…tried to get really close up to my face but my skin looks creme de la mer fresh. So now I need to check it out on my laptop to get an idea if before and after showed any difference at all :s

I will use ASMR soft speaking though. I couldn’t do a bombastic enthusiastic Tony Robbins style…my autism makes me mute sometimes. Whispering is something I naturally do a lot and I think I do it to save my own brain and keep asper anxiety in check.

Also later tonight…me and my boyfriend have dinner and chill out listening to motown (we usually do). Tescos deliver supplies. Most of my bills magickally evaporate a chunk of money as the DDs hit. I hope over hope that I get the skirts I ordered so I can begin to dye them to match my grunge goth style (uncorsetted, I dress like a bohemian I guess).

I also do some admin, watch some axe men. Send a copy of the Mayastar ( newsletter. The Nataraj Working is v popular and this time of year I make the most of planetary and lunar influences because the solar ones are intensifying and far more useful for prosperity spells etc.

Oooh. Ty new followers on my page…I should probably say I am a practising witch (, so if you’re offended by my spiritual beliefs and the practices associated with them, please don’t spam me with hell and damnation messages. And consider, if your religion asks you to sit in judgement of other people, is that really what’s right? I don’t agree with racism, homophobia or any of bigotry – I’m not exactly religious but I am religious about equality and freedom. And oppose tyranny in all its forms.

Ok. Off my soapbox. Tonight I may actually try editing a video. It so new to me if anyone can recommend intuitive software for it I would love to hear! (I use Irfanview and Picsart for mixed media art…I draw a blank when I see Adobe or Serif software!)

Huge love guys! And welcome new guys.

I can also be found on youtube…can’t remember my link yet…but my name appears @AnnaLouiseMay on most networks I use…

IG, Tumblr, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, G+, Twitter…or email  Pinterest – sorry am not on whatsapp yet…this phone is to chock full with apps for me to use it!

♡♡♡ Aaaand…I’m up! 😀


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