Venus Angelic Vs Self Proclaimed Satanist Margaret Palermo (her mother) | Online Drama | Epic Trolling


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Anyone who has watched the drama unfold…#MargaretPalermo (self proclaimed #Satanist) is the mother of a youtube “star” #VenusAngelic.

Venus is 19 and recently left home and married her boyfriend. They live in Japan. Venus is posts up all kinds…#kawaii #lolita #livingdoll fashions, make up tutorials etc. Her channel has been going for years and she is very popular.

Her mother framed events very differently. Accused Venus of running away and being brainwashed. Accused her husband of being a Paedophile. Accused Venus of being mentally ill, manipulative and of cruelty to animals. She also claimed due to this she (Margaret) was now homeless.

Margaret posted up blogs of herself naked in the shower at an airport to substantiate this claim. She keeps posting stuff and deleting it…but also deleting the comments of people on #IG  because recently she (according to herself and Venus), got Venus’s YouTube channel taken down due to copyright issues. She phoned the police at some point claiming Venus was being abused. This wasn’t true.

All kinds of crazy has gone on. Margaret is coming off as mentally ill…or just nasty and literally #trolling her daughter. And Venus’ fans are posting all over the net…Margaret’s made herself infamous…

She has made some videos on YouTube, saying she hopes her haters get raped (yes…really…she’s supposedly the adult). Also of sleeping in a hostel and travelling by train in Japan.

Yet…she now claims to he selling Venus’s “stuff”. Stuff she says she owned herself or Venus owned but no longer wants. Yet…something seems a bit off…is this truly with Venus’s permission? Are any of the proceeds going to Venus? If she is homeless, how would anyone know they were buying something that genuinely belonged to Venus?

Everything about this online drama gets weirder and more unbelievable by the day.
I strongly expect Margaret will delete my question…she censors her feed because the posts are mostly from angry fans of Venus who just want Margaret to leave her daughter alone.

Apparently the youtube issue is being sorted out and Venus will get her channel back up soon.

Never seen anything like this online before…

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6 thoughts on “Venus Angelic Vs Self Proclaimed Satanist Margaret Palermo (her mother) | Online Drama | Epic Trolling

  1. I think this post is a bit biased. To clear up a few things:

    Venus did run away by her own admission, although I see no reason to believe there was any brainwashing.

    I agree that Margaret said many stupid things about Venus and her husband, but in a way it’s all stemming from the single frustration that Venus took off which she saw as a great betrayal. It also left her in a precarious financial state.

    In a way, Margaret is homeless. She was living where she was on Venus’ income, which was arguably fair because Margaret put in so much time to help Venus in her career, being her manager and cameraman. When Venus left she could no longer afford her rent, and she also traveled to Japan because Venus indicated she might be able to live with her and her new husband, but this was not substantiated upon arrival. So, Margaret was kind of left out in the cold so to speak. This made her angry and irrational, and she said plenty of stupid things because of it.

    As for the “naked” photos, the ‘naughty bits’ were covered, and she didn’t keep the photos up. It makes more sense if you understand that Margaret is a very right brained person, she expresses herself in ways others wouldn’t consider. Her ‘nude’ photo in the airport bathroom was a kind of artistic way to express how she felt: left with virtually nothing in a strange place.

    Regarding the copyright claims, keep in mind that Venus was in a very tight business relationship with Margo, and she ran off. If you enter into a business with someone and then have a falling out with them, there is bound to be some back and forth over who should get what, similar to a divorce. If you look at it that way, the copyright claims are completely expected. It just means that Venus and Margo are having a tug of war over resources before they go their separate ways.

    About phoning the police, this wasn’t regarding abuse, this was to see if Venus was alive and well. It’s not something most people would have done, given that Venus still has some internet presence, but it is not that crazy. When someone won’t talk to you, and you suspect that the person they are with is preventing them from doing so, you want some external force to contact that person and make sure they are alright.

    After all an abuser has the power to post online as another person, answer phone texts as that person, and even send letters in their name. I’ve been in this situation myself, and I don’t wish it on anyone. I’m not saying Manaki is an abuser, or that he ever prevented her from communicating with her mother, but that’s what her mother believed and in that light her behavior is understandable.

    Margaret did not say anyone should be raped on youtube, it was an angry instagram post (that she later deleted) that said she hopes those who do not believe in Manaki’s abuse get abused themselves. This is because at the time she believed wholeheartedly that Manaki was controlling/manipulating her. She has since taken a more balanced perspective on this. Still it was a stupid comment, one of many she made around the same time.

    Yes, Margaret is selling items she no longer needs, or things that previously belonged to Venus that she was probably perfectly fine with leaving behind. It’s probably not with Venus’ permission, but for one it doesn’t have to be, and two Venus has not contacted her mother as of yet. If the items really meant something to her, she could contact Margo and arrange for some sort of delivery most likely (perhaps a po box could be used to keep their address a secret).

    It’s extremely unlikely that any of the proceeds will be going to Venus, and even if they should there is no contact between Venus and her mother so there would be no way to arrange a transfer of said proceeds. Venus and Manaki’s address is a secret, and from what Margaret has said, Venus does not return any of her e-mails.

    I see this as again, a tug of war over resources resulting from the schism. These kinds of things happen when business partners separate or married couples divorce.

    Lastly, there is simply no way to verify completely if any of the belongings being sold were owned by Venus. This isn’t something that Margaret or anyone can realistically do.

    If you haven’t seen anything like this online before, then you’ve probably not been looking for it, and one could see this as a virtue.

    • You’re the first person I have seen stick up for Margaret. Some of the early stuff (the nude pix)…am unclear if was taken down by Margaret or due to the IG complaints. Some of the text accompanying the IG posts had some shocking accusations that were edited…then re edited. Then deleted. And I know people were taking screen dumps to try to keep up to date but…I couldn’t keep up with it all and just had a look every now and then. Often people were talking about things no longer available.

      My personal view was that Margaret was probably a controlling person. That maybe she had a personality. Maybe bad enough she needed to see a professional. The other day she posted up a picture of Baphomet and announced she was a Satanist (think she mentioned Anton LaVey…which is more “hedonism” than “Satanism”). The next day she took that down.

      She posted this youtube video song…

      The next thing…selling Venus’s stuff. Like she absolutely can’t help herself right now.

      I do think she needs help. I don’t know what to think of the song. I suppose she’s saying someone posted they hoped she’d get raped? Not clear what it’s meant to achieve. But it’s pretty grim.

      I followed Venus’s channel…I actually only added her mum on IG as i thought the name rang a bell and she was one of my students.

      When this stuff started I was watching with a morbid curiosity I guess because I had been writing about Narcissistic Personality Disorders in my blog…but at the same time realised, for all I knew Margaret could be an alcoholic or have a mood disorder or something.

      I don’t think it’s poss to justify her actions. It’s possible to identify triggers maybe but her actions are…not the actions of someone who is actually “ok”. Margaret isn’t ok at all. Venus’s vid a while back explaining some of her mum’s insults and claims was heartbreaking to watch. Venus is obviously deeply upset by it all. But the fact she felt to get away meant she had to run away makes me wonder what she went through leading up to it.

      And every time I think it surely must be calming down by now…something else happens…Margaret does something. I haven’t seen Venus or Manaki retaliate at all.

      My reason for not seeing this stuff online is I spend most of my time online working. I catch up with some feeds from time to time. But you’re totally right…I haven’t been looking for it. Was stunned really. But now I find myself looking to see what Margaret’s done next every few days…and checking to see if Venus’s channel is back!

      I feel guilty for watching as if it’s entertaining…that’s probably the wrong word. I think I just can’t believe it. Seeing Margaret’s following jump by thousands…thousands of haters though.

      Still. I am Aspergers. I do tend to look at people working them out by their motivations rather than their actions as if there is some answerable puzzle there. And that’s keeping me hooked.

      And being fair…some of the haters are pretty hardcore on Margaret.

      Let me know what you think or the song though! Xx

  2. Also, Mike – my post is biased. Definitely. I followed Venus’s channel as I thought it was cute and quirky. And by the time all this started I had missed the beginning and couldn’t make sense of the comments because I didn’t see most of the stuff get posted. References to running away by climbing out of a window. To living in an airport. Then someone set up a fake account and posted crazy stuff as Margaret on Margaret’s own feed…I thought someone had spiked my orange juice! Even now a coherent and comprehensive list of events doesn’t seem to exist. But I wonder how it will all end….

    • I’m also a follower of Venus’ channel, and I hope it gets reinstated soon.

      The song I saw as I also check Margaret’s channel from time to time, and I replied some of the comments to that video. I thought it was great turning the hate comments she receives into a funny song.

      A rough summary of events is given here:

      It’s very biased against Margaret, but the majority of places are.

      I’m not completely on Margaret’s side by the way, I just think people should be a bit more level-headed, and consider how little information they really have about this.

      • Well…Margaret did not delete my questions but didn’t answer them. This latest thing…selling things that belonged to Venus…given what’s gone before I don’t really believe it’s not an attempt to snub Venus.

        I don’t think her fans would buy from the person who took down the channel. And basically…if she doesn’t have Venus’s permission to sell, it’s theft…but there’s no actual proof the stuff belonged to Venus anyway…though I wasn’t after memorabilia, this sale seems like a “move” to “antagonise” Venus and Manaki. Nothing’s ever what it seems…but it very hard to see anything good in the latest developments…

        And yet still I keep watching! I suppose if Margaret is selling stuff that belongs to Venus without permission that’s criminal…no grey area. And even when Margaret has done things where you could way technically she’s in the right, her motivation for doing it seems to spiteful. Not just the way people interpret it…but she has said some really nasty stuff.

        Here’s hoping she will get over it. Maybe she has a mood disorder or something. Maybe she’s always had phases like this but this time it’s being posted all over the net. It’s too much a stretch to believe she is as nasty as she’s coming over.

        Glad you replied btw. It’s reassuring that not everyone’s a hater. Because whatever nastiness Margaret has posted some of the hater comments are shockingly explicit and it’s like 6000 haters jumped on her account this past month and they are probably making a bad situation worse.

        Big love n’ peace out! ♡

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