Maya Magickal Maha Laxshmi Dance of Prosperity & Tantric Shamanic Ritual Intensives

Bathtime blogging…today based on questions about specific options for tailoring the Maha Laxshmi Dance of Prosperity Tantric Shamanic Ritual and Spell intensive in the current special offer (Mayastar & Maya Magickal Special Offers).

Some of these questions are very general to magick in general and there are articles on the website that cover general principles in more detail so I will address some of these but focus more on enquiries specific to this ritual and the scope of its application.

The Maha Laxshmi working can be worked as a general spell and have a powerful effect because the Tantric Shamanic Rituals are very comprehensive. A general working would be used to enhance the positive energies and influences around you on all levels.

Spells work in real time and the effect of the changes they initiate unfolds from the time of casting. So you may begin with a general sense that things are good within hours of the working. On some intuitive level most people feel the energy immediately and this is often accompanied by feeling uplifted emotionally.

Beyond that seeding of the spell, things will begin to manifest more physically. This may be in suble changes at first but spells create change in a cumulative way, and so the expansion of the span of influence will continue to grow. As things manifest people often become more conscious of those small changes in their “luck”, and their increased confidence accelerates manifesting.

Spells don’t stop working. I know there are a lot of “witch doctors” out there who don’t really know the art of magick and consider spells to be a simple focus of intention. Focused intention is certainly a component but someone genuinely gifted in magick needs to be able to tune into the karmic “threads” at play and also to retain alignment with the underlying universal law (Dharma).

Without that skill, any success would be transitory and unstable. And effected more by luck than judgement! Like trying to paint a wall by throwing a tin of paint at it…it may achieve a result…but it’s not what you’d consider a success!

When we use magick to reweave energy we are working with probabilities. All things are potentially possible. But some things are so improbable as to consider unfeasible. So we must always work WITH the universe because working against it would be pointless – our efforts would be hindered to the point of them being literally point-less! This is possibly the biggest mistake amateurs make in spell casting. Only experience and dedication can make you proficient. Unfortunately at the moment it’s become a sort of fashion statement to call yourself a Witch so do take care in researching anyone you commission to work for you in this way.

Back to our spell…the evolution of the spell is essentially a constant. However, there are always other elements at play and it’s these factors that may seem to make the spell stop. In fact they don’t, they are other influences that may overrule the spell eventually. Sooner or later depending on our situation.

Our own consciousness may create restrictive habits in thought or behaviour that undermine the success of a spell. That’s the most usual way other influences become dominant. But the incongruous beliefs of others can gradually overshadow the changes we manifest.

Excepting extreme circumstances, this is a gradual process though. But it’s also why it’s important not to discuss your magickal work and goals with others; they may seem to support your intentions but may unconsciously (or consciously!) project hindering elements that restrict your progress.

Usually hindering factors are based in the ego of the client or someone else’s ego. Ego-based intentions are based in fear and resistance to change. So self awareness and secrecy are the best ways of achieving lasting change. That goes for all workings…but it’s often very noticeable in the effects manifested by the Maha Laxshmi Dance of Prosperity Working.

The reason is, the overall positive nature of the working which we may perceive subjectively as a feeling or in external experiences of financial prosperity or beneficial effects to our health or motivation. So we notice more quickly when our thoughts or actions or the thoughts and actions of others are contrary to our goal because in contrast to the higher vibrational sphere of the spell, low energy or negative energy is more noticeable.

Most questions about this working are along the lines of what kind of goals or successes we might want to manifest or work towards.

Prosperity isn’t only financial. A prosperous state includes our health, home, emotional prosperity, physical health, relationship prosperity. We need to measure our success in terms of the whole…not only success in financial prosperity. And because the Maha Laxshmi Dance of Prosperity Tantric Shamanic Ritual is so comprehensive, it can create far reaching change.

The spell can be used for many situations and tailored for those. Examples of the possiblities are:

Financial prosperity
Increased happiness
Health or for specific healing
Setting up a new business
Looking for a new romantic relationship
Looking a for a more positive relationship with friends or family
Working to restore balance and eliminating negative influences in an existing romantic relationship
Seeking employment
Seeking to succeed more in your current job – such as applying for a promotion
Generally increasing “good fortune” to assist a situation by enabling it to run more smoothly (such as a house move or ending a relationship – any period of change that causes stress)

Most people asking for this working are looking for it to be worked as a “love spell” or “money spell”. And there are specific application options for these on the site but the specific application spells have a more limited scope and are intended to work in combination.

A triple specific application working is £192 – and would be suitable if you wanted a specific result such finding job – and could include a reversal spell to reduce hindering factors, a high john the conqueror spell for good fortune and a crown of success spell to work on that goal from different angles. But the effect wouldn’t be as encompassing as choosing a Blessing Intensive which includes three Tantric Shamanic Rituals.

The limited scope of specific application options mean that these wouldn’t work well as a general working or series of general workings to manifest beneficial results on more levels – they’re not made for it but it is a natural side effect of TS workings.

Tantric Shamanic workings are more comprehensive which means they can be used to both focus on a specific application, while manifesting a general change on other levels. This means they work more quickly and their increased sphere of influence means they create an overall change that means you benefit in a number of ways and results are more far reaching and stable.

It’s the way magick should be worked but I know there are people who claim to do provide spell services for people but don’t have the knowledge, experience or skill to do so. I guess they are revealed by their results but whether you’re choosing me to carry out magickal work, or someone else, I would advise you ask questions about their techniques, experience and any formal training. You can find these things about me at as well as on the Mayastar Academy Online website


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