Watch “Psychology of the Selfie – with JP Sears” on YouTube

V funny!

I teach online courses (#energyhealing, #meditation & do ritual work for people – & I use social media to keep a kind of personal touch to my online presence b/c I want people who are interested in my work…or even people who just follow me for the artwork or my hobbies, to feel I’m not some kind of conglomerate. It kind of reassures clients and students I am real person on the one hand…and on the other, it means I am accessible in a personal way but not way that’s intrusive to my lifestyle. But I have to say, when I am busy and I don’t have time to write proper blogs, I know I post up selfies more often just so my networks don’t go blank but because I have less than the average “need” for external validation (I am #Aspergers so it kind of doesn’t register with me!), sometimes I feel really weird posting selfies and personal updates. I never check how many people like them…but I know over time more and more people have followed my networks so I hope that means I have struck some sort of balance!

Xxx AnnaLouiseMay (Maya)

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