9th Feb | General Upd8 | Mayastar | Maya Magickal | Avalonian Meditation | Energy Healing | Life Path Reading | Runes | Cats | Storm Imogen

9th February 2016 – It’s been really wild the last few days…so stormy out!  I absolutely love it.  Very cosy in though.  Lots of time with my Teddy Boy and lots of listening to audiobooks (once you get into them, sometimes hours can go by as you walk around from room to room with a bluetooth speaker!  Really love it.

Working on some new Tantric Shamanic Spells….they are my favourites because of their versatility…it allows me to tailor them for more specific purposes for clients which is always enjoyable – working out the best way to work through a problem.  But because they’re so heavily choreographed (some are silent but most do include some mantras…and the dance is worked around appropriate symbols…they take longer but are a very intense experience).  The new ones will be developed from working with the Avalonian Trilogy Meditation and the associated symbols, mantras and energy flows (Avalonian Alignment, Star of Avalon Ascension & Avalonian Spectral Activations –www.mayastar.net/aap.htm).  The Avalonian energies are probably the most popular after (Kundalini Reiki and Usui Reiki) and I think it’s because they provide a structure that helps develop intuition in a variety of ways, but also because they are so comprehensive and although they form a system of their own, can easily be worked with combined with other energies like Reiki or Kundalini Reiki…but also for those who work with ritual or the Elemental Pentagram system.  The meditation is popular with clients who are taking Divinity Assumption Channellings through Maya Magickal for personal initiation and spiritual development work.  The timing works very well with my ritual opening so it is a good way to prepare for the channelling part of the ritual.

But tonight, doing the basic admin stuff up to date at the moment and later have a Life Path Reading to complete for someone.  That’s a long session because I like to complete the reading and type it up in one go so I have to schedule them!  But it’s another aspect of my work that I really love but very different to the ritual work and energy healing.

In mundane news…well…not that mundane…I was just going through my social networks and realised about 29000 people follow my pages, newsletter, blogs, IG, Twitter feeds and so on.  It’s pretty amazing really…it’s tripled in the last 2 and half years…most followers are on FB by far and following the Mayastar Twitter feed or subscribed to the Mayastar/Maya Magickal newsletter…but I know sometimes students find me through LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram – which seems strange but I think just shows how the way we use social media has changed in the last 2 years – massively different since everyone has a smartphone than when most of us had a desktop!  Who has a desktop computer these days?  That seems like an inconvenience – even in my office I have a laptop and sometimes take it off to the bedroom to use…well…not often but where we put the catflap in, I’ve got one cat that can let himself out but freaks out if he tries to let himself in, and one who meows at the cat flap to be let in and out – so I have to leave it open by a couple of inches and when the temperature’s low or it’s windy, the draught from it makes the office absolutely freezing! I’m sure they’ll work it out in the end!







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