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Yesterday I really didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to share my usual posts and inspo given the tragedy in Paris.

A bit about me…I know some believe aspergirls like me don’t have empathy. But we do. There are degrees on the autism spectrum. I need routine to function. I have a crazy ass memory. I am great at my work and love what I do. I think to much. Find it hard to write concisely. And am very knowledgeable. But I am also kind of kookie and eccentric. I could never be a rebel because I can’t register people as being authorities over me (which meant as a child I was considered contrary and defiant…but as an adult means I am considered a non conformist and a bit of an enigma).

My silence regarding the situation wasn’t because Aspergers makes me a narcissist and I didn’t relate etc…it was because like any human being I could only see the pointlessness of people killing other people for spurious reasons. Achieving nothing. Hurting many. I am very sensitive. I would consider myself and empath. And it upset me enormously to see such violence.

I am a human being and I am not alone in the fact that I was moved to tears by the news. I was moved to tears again, to see the top trending hashtag on Twitter was PrayForWorld – and PrayForParis. That all around the world, despite our apparent differences, to see such senseless and cruel acts commited by those who seek knuckledragging rascists to provide them with retribution and begin a ridiculous cycle of violence that achieves nothing, hurts many, and breaks the heart of anyone making their way through the world with one.

I spent the night retweeting on & finally added my two cents with a songoftheday blog I shared around my social media.

Today I felt uplifted by the show of solidarity. By the messages of people just like you and me. By the hope that exists…because people care. I hear one of the security guards at the stadium saved many lives before he became a casualty too.

I think it’s vital we understand, Muslims demonstrate against extemism. Shoulder to shoulder with the human race (there’s only one after all). United in our dream of a better world.

Can Reiki Heal the World?

What can I do to help? What can we all do? Prayer is a good start. But my forte is Energy Healing which I teach online as distance courses internationally.

I believe Reiki can help in bringing healing to the world or a situation or people that are left behind, in the process of dying or in the process of making a transition after death? Yes. I very much do. Can Reiki (the most well known and popular of my courses) heal the world? I don’t know. But I think it is a better option than violence!

Those who are attuned to Usui Reiki or another form of energy healing (depending on their own experience and confidence) might feel they wish they could send healing but not feel confident about its effectiveness.

“Ki” (the energy we work with in Reiki) is Universal Life Force/Source Energy; it isn’t subject to laws of time and space.

The healer acts as a channel and though we may use symbols or tools to communicate our intention, it is our intention that is communicated to Source. The symbols and tools and techniques we use are to help us in quelling the doubts of the ego and conscious mind by keeping conscious mind busy; keeping it busy by providing it with its own focus so our intention can be communicated to the Universe. We may call that unifying Source God…or we may consider it a part of the expression of a single energy/consciousness we don’t call God but consider part a Multi-Dimensional wholeness of creation.

However you define it, working with Reiki often leads people to redefine their ideas later on. Personal experience of the sense of connection to Source Energy inevitably leads you to a new idea…that life is unified.

New questions come up…how can we judge other people if we share a common Source?  How can we harm others? How can we harm ourselves when we have a part in the one “Divine Expression” that is the “Wholeness of Creation? Are angels part of that wholeness? What about deities? What about animals? Saints? Does this “Wholeness” cover different dimensions and states of consciousness? Does it keep us connected to those we have lost on this side? What is the nature of the Source?

For me, I would summarise my 26 years of experience and study tells me the nature of The Source is love and evolution (in a spiritual sense); that it is intelligent; unifies all life; is Multi-Dimensional in nature. And that it does indeed connect us in some way to all other life on earth and off it; that life doesn’t end when a physical body dies.

I think it is therefore entirely appropriate for anyone to provide healing to situations, the world, someone who is dying or recently deceased. Because healing takes place on many levels. You may think of this proactive method as being a kind of ‘dynamic prayer’.

To illustrate a little further…

My dad recently died of cancer and during his limited time from diagnosis to death he was avid that I should tell people about energy healing for people who are terminally ill. It gave him so much comfort and he felt strongly that people in his situation and loved ones of someone who was dying would find this so helpful. That no matter how hopeless you may perceive a situation…no matter or helpless you may feel when confronted with such a circumstance, there is something you can do.

I know blogging about “healing the dying” may not be what draws people to Energy Healing! But dad was right. We shy away from death as if we are useless in the face of it due to the fact we are mortal. Allowing ourselves to do nothing because we feel we can’t do enough leads us to feel powerless…and this can be depressing and debilitating. 

In fact, death is part of a natural cycle and love doesn’t end when brain death of someone we love occurs. (That is my personal belief).

It would be strange that people evolved with a capacity of empathy that extends to strangers; love that extends beyond death; and a natural instinct that leaves us prone to acts of kindness that are not looking for something in return. Why would the survival of the fittest lead to a level of altruism that would see almost everyone (should the situation arise), to risk their life for a stranger and suddenly suspend their own notions of prejudice, divisiveness or limiting beliefs about the nature of love when confronted with an emergency?

To me the fact that faced with this tragedy the tweets I read last night were of people (including Muslims by the way…the only people who support terrorism are terrorists!), showed that others cried at reading the coverage. Some felt helpless. Some felt scared. But I saw a lot of people praying for Paris; praying for peace and praying for the world. I didn’t see anyone spouting off judgement or hatred. Just a whole lot of people feeling the same pain. Wanting to make the world better. Unified in that purpose. That is a beautiful thing.

So I am writing this blog about my method of “Reiki Sharing”. Floods, famines, wars, suffering, earthquakes – suffering so far from us we may feel stumped in how to help,  I have a way I help and that I believe others might benefit from.

I have a small crystal sphere that’s made of labradorite. That’s a blue crystal with areas that are iridescent. I hold in in both palms in a prayer position, and focus my intention on channelling Reiki to the situation. The blue sphere makes a nice “proxy” that helps my conscious mind to get on board with the idea “the world” is accessible for sending healing to. And I trust that the healing will go where it is needed and be received by those that need it.

In Usui Reiki there are symbols you may choose to use to focus your intention on distance healing. There are Kanjis (hand positions) you might use too. And the use of a ‘proxy’ for sending distance healing is useful for some too.

So if you are attuned to Reiki, please consider sending healing along with your prayers for the world.

If you are not attuned but would like to be, you can find more information at

Reiki is a very comprehensive and versatile system and I am privileged to have been able to give up the ‘day job’ to dedicate my life to teaching people all over the world something I believe so strongly in.

Please do visit my website and request an information pack…consider whether you feel Reiki would be of benefit to you, to those around you…and maybe to the world too.

With blessings x
Anna Louise May (Maya)

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