Transformation Tips

Fabulous  vlog from +BestTransformation​​ x Totally agree too. There are people who sit about waiting for an excuse to take offence or launch a verbal assault on social media. I think it’s a sign of popularity – these people only want to troll where there are other followers that will feed them! But a message to all the nay sayers and trolls hanging around on social media waiting for me (or Joe…or anyone else with an online presence and alternative views) to say something or do something they can jump on and make a noise about…stick about with the likes of Joe (and me) – STICK AROUND ALONG ENOUGH AND YOU MAY BECOME A RADICAL FREE THINKER!

NOTE: I don’t have a youtube channel yet…I’m all over Facebook, Twitter,  Tumblr, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, LinkedIn, Instagram and G+ – I have a number of websites and I work teaching distance courses internationally in a variety of energy healing modalities and I am very passionate about it! I have been doing this for 11 years and I am good at what I do! But every now and then someone will happen along to slag off my work, energy healing in general, anything ‘new age’ or ‘alternative’ – never with a thought out point of view – and I notice Joe gets some of the same deconstructive criticism sometimes. Well let’s be honest…the nay sayers and trolls are not offering a critque, they have some kind of verbal incontinence and randomly spew abuse at others. I’d guess if they have time to spend trolling they haven’t got much of a life really. They probably deserve some pity but…abusing others in any context (online or otherwise), is still abuse. If they are doing it for attention….it’s far less effective than they think. We normal folk aren’t provoked into an angry response – we are provoked into laughter sometimes – or to hitting the block button other times.

You can’t reason with the unreasonable – so trolls and troublemakers, don’t be surprised when no one bothers trying!

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