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Today I love… | Henna, Perfume, Creme de la Mer


I love…well! Tons of stuff 2dy. I love #CremedelaMer because it means #nomakeup #selfieoftheday pix are possible when I first get up of an afternoon (#nocturnal #nocturnalwonderland).

And I love…when my roots are freshly #Henna red & my hair is in #plaits, smelling of #Lush #AmericanCream conditioner (sooooo #vanilla!).

Trying to choose my #perfumeoftheday to compliment my hair…which is about to set free in a v #hippie, kinda #gothic but supremely #PreRaphaelite fuzz (according to #Elvis, v #KateBush)…and am torn between #AnnaSui #rockme, #thierrymugler #angel, #prada #candy or #marcjacobs #daisydream. Decisions decisions.

#Ootd will be teal #broderieanglaise v #victorian…marginally #goth…and wickedly #bohemian. Think…#VanessaIves (#PennyDreadful) as a #redhead and on ‘down day’..or a slightly more colourful #steampunk…always a total #princess of course!) ♡

And soundtrack today? Still flipping from #patienceandprudence (#ahsmurderhouse #tateandviolet) and #LanaDelRey #Honeymoon and #ultraviolence (#hipster #grunge #hiphop). So…a generally #kookie vibe that compliments my generally kookie vibe!

Happy days ♡ I’d better get myself into a #bubblebath & do some work ♡♡♡

Have a fabulous day!
ALM (Maya)


A Big Thanks | Social Media Interest & Support ♡


A big thank u to everyone who enjoys my feeds & supports my various networks ♡ Your input is really appreciated.

I am stunned to notice Mayastar Academy FB ( has almost 10,000 followers now. And that across all social media associated with ALM (Maya) & Mayastar, following & subscription has DOUBLED in the last 18 mths.

So a massive thank you for your support, likes, shares, retweets, re-posts, comments, tags & interest ♡ (FB)

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Lady Gaga – Born This Way | Monster L♡VE



“I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way”

(No prejudice, no judgement, but boundless freedom!) (FB)

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What is a Lightworker? How do you become one? | By ALM (Maya)


One of the most common questions I receive from new and prospective students, is how do they become a Lightworker? Often you may feel that you have a spiritual mission to fulfil and are unsure where to begin or exactly how to go about it.  Sometimes there is even some conflict within you as to whether it’s something you have time for or would be able to do at all.

There is a lot of information out there that can support you if you are looking for it.  However, even with all that information, the journey is one that is essentially an internal one that decide to take you take. Later you will find you naturally find ways of expressing this internal change in other ways, but the journey begins usually with a feeling…and then with a decision.

A Lightworker is someone who has a ‘calling’ to serve humanity in some way.  Some believe true Lightworkers are enlightened or spiritually advanced beings that have chosen their current incarnation in order that they may assist in some way, the spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole. My own experience leads me to consider that this calling is within all of us – perhaps louder for some than others – and perhaps some trust that calling more than others.  But I feel it is within every person to assist humanity in achieving our collective potential in however big or small a way they can, by following that calling.

There are no end of ways you might go about this.  And many techniques you may work with to assist you in developing the skills and awareness that will help you fulfil your goals.  Energy Healing and meditation are those that I teach (backed up by my experience, and personal studies).  I do also provide ritual empowerments and initiation options.  And I do quite a lot of writing!  These are the areas I am best skilled in.  But not all Lightworkers teach.  Some may become healers, writers, counsellors, motivational speakers, artists or psychics.  And others may develop their skills to assist friends and family – perhaps providing healing or inspiring others by example.

The real fact about Lightworkers is that it’s something we all aspire to on some level whether we choose to become proactive in that aspiration or not.  There is no restriction to the way you express your ‘vocation’ as a Lightworker. There are no restrictions based on philosophies, religions, qualifications, practices, personal skills and talents.

I have always aimed through my work to inspire and encourage people in achieving their spiritual potential; and to make that journey as accessible as possible while encouraging people in such a way that I consider, what I teach is almost secondary to what I pass on to those I work with.  My focus is always on empowerment of the individual.  So above and beyond any details, I consider that fundamental to Lightwork is the very idea that every individual has a part to play; the concept that we are all part of something bigger and united by certain spiritual aspects.  We don’t need to know what that ‘something bigger’ is or what part we are playing in the grander scheme of things to begin the journey.  We just need an open mind, and the confidence to take the first step.

Try not to compare yourself to others or to discourage yourself because you think your contribution won’t count.  It will.  It always does! All Lightworkers are different. You won’t need to suddenly go vegan, meditate for an hour a day or become a hippie to validate you ‘spiritual credibility’!

On some level you already possess the ‘wholeness’ of your potential. What we think of as spiritual growth that allows us to evolve as Lightworkers, is actually the process of letting go of the restrictive and divisive beliefs we may have held.  Letting go of habits or addictions (which may be patterns of behaviour rather than addictions to substances), that get in the way of our being truly free to be ourselves.  It’s a process of remembering who you are and becoming who you are meant to be.

Lightworkers have one intention that unites them; their conscious decision to respond to that inner calling; to express their truth (in all aspects of their life) in accordance with “The Power That Moves the Universe”.  Some may call this ‘Divine Intelligence’, ‘Universal Light’, ‘God’ or ‘Nature’.  The name is not important, but our relationship to that common Source is what defines us as Lightworkers.

In her book, The Lightworker’s Way, Dr Doreen Virtue details her own spiritual journey. She explains the awakening her healing and clairvoyance as well as her understanding of them. She writes, “This is a book about my own journey of remembering my identity and abilities as a Lightworker. Its purpose is to help you recall your own divine mission and your natural spiritual skills.”

If you feel moved to make a difference…even if you’re not sure how you’ll do it, whether you can do it, where to begin or whether you’re good enough…you are already on the path to remembering yourself & realising your potential as Lightworker.

XXX ALM (Maya)


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Anonymous | Hacktivism & Peaceful Protest


Anonymous & the power of basing your demonstration on an ideal…fighting for that ideal achieve more than fire fighting against.

I truly believe that peaceful protest is the way forward; uniting people and standing up for what you believe in.

It’s heart lifting to realise there are so many people in the world that care. Those that don’t are a tiny minority. But that doesn’t mean much…revolutions happen x

♡ Maya (

Updated Profile & Portfolio


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Lana Del Rey Honeymoon – first impressions x

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one waiting for my #LDR #Honeymoon to download last night! It was worth waiting for. The early release tracks gave a bit of an idea of vibe but I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I was so blown away by the dark turn when #Ultraviolence came out.

But…I love #Honeymoon! After a few listens I am already picking favourites and there isn’t a track I don’t like or think I would skip over. I think #HighByTheBeach is my favourite. So far. But love #GodKnowsITried too.

“God knows I live
God knows I died
God knows I begged
Begged, borrowed and cried
God knows I loved
God know I lied
God knows I lost
God gave me life
And God knows I tried”

#lanadelrey #hipster #pale #grunge #ldrlyrics #lyricsoftheday #songoftheday
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“Is There a Hell?” | Channelling Erik Vlog

Very thought provoking session from #channelingerik – if you wondered about how concepts of #hell and the #devil, #lucifer and #evil fit into a multidimensional understanding of reality. Especially for people who are considering this idea from an ‘eternal perspective’ or within a religious/philosophical that seems to contradict itself!

Inspirational as always and highly recommended!

xx Maya ( ) xx