The Spiritual Side of Addiction

Interesting #channelingerik interview about the energetic and potentially karmic aspects of #addiction. I have always personally considered reframing your perspective of your addiction to be important – no one becomes an addict if they didn’t start by getting something from it at first. Whether it was grounding, social acceptance or freedom from some sort of pain. That doesn’t mean it was necessarily a good idea at any point though. Regardless of whether the problem originated on an energetic level before incarnation of developed during this one, as soon as your behaviour adapts to accommodate the addiction, it’s taken the driving seat and in reframing, I would advise any addict to consider the ‘cost’ to them. Their health, finances, self esteem and freedom.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch – but often people forget the costs and sacrifices they are making. If compromise has become part of your life your freedom is being erroded somehow and the best choices you can make are those that don’t involve compromise!

In every moment, consider your true goal. Your destination is your destiny. But if you are committed to it, keep your eyes on the road ahead and make the decisions that bring you closer. Avoid those that will hinder you. Be around people that support your goals. Avoid those that don’t.

It sounds simple but it isn’t always easy to know the right thing to do. Sometimes life can become difficult and we lose perspective entirely. But I am a big advocate of talking therapy in such situations. Counselling, psychotherapy etc. I particularly advocate #journalling as a means to retain perspective and increase self awareness.

Learning #Reiki or a system of #meditation such as the Avalonian Trilogy or #Kundalini Reiki are also great ways to empower yourself.

And metaphysical solutions such as ‘Karmic Reversal’ can also be a great help. More so when you support them with positive action and conscious alignment with your true destiny xxx

Always thought provoking. Xx

With blessings x Maya


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