Child-Like VS Childish

Busy night with a lull in the middle so am indulging in a guilty pleasure by watching #cbb (Celebrity Big Brother).

I have no idea who any of the people in the house are at all. I haven’t watched mainstream TV for…over a decade. I used to watch cbb because it was short and usually you knew the people in it or some of them. But not knowing who they are doesn’t seem to detract from the shock horror car crash bizarre behaviour from people who for the most part seem to live within the confines of their egos.

In my work I connect with people who are doing the opposite. They are working on self realisation, spiritual development and expressing their higher will…students, clients and artists are of a similar mind to me and I think over time I have come to see people I would have considered normal to often actually be living within the confines of seeking approval and trying to be like others.

I think even it it weren’t for the nature of my work through and, my aspergers would never allow me to consider anyone’s way more valid…or any reactionary ego driven lifestyle appealing…or any compromise to one’s true self anything less than spiritual suicide.

It is still shocking to see adults behaving like kids…forming cliques and mouthing off…threatening others…it is truly shocking.

Child-like is good…childish is most definitely not!

♡♡♡ to my dad for a bumper crop of cheese cake! So yummy 😀


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