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The Star of Avalon Ascension Connections

The Star of Avalon Ascension Connections course is a programme of 9 intensely powerful energy attunements that relate to the Star Centres/Chakras of the energy field and through work with the energy and meditation technique you will learn, spiritual development and deep self-healing work is facilitated as the energy body on all levels is prepared for the process of spiritual ascension.

The purpose of these attunements is to attune you to vibrations specifically to raise your energy frequency for the purpose of spiritual development and ascension.  This process is also known as the process of enlightenment, self realization, self actualization, gaining of the sight and union with the godhead.  It is the ‘great work’ to which every human soul aspires.

At each attunement a high frequency energy is imprinted in your energy field that is thereafter activated by the use of particular mantras associated with that level.  Regular use of the Star of Avalon Ascension Connections Mantra Meditation will facilitate the process of ascension without force and at a natural rate for you.  Conscious action in the spiritual ascension process is emphasised by the Avalonian Light Beings that exist trans-dimensionally at the Glastonbury Tor energy portal where principle masculine and feminine creative energy ley lines converge creating an enormous vortex of spiritual energy that is accessed through working with this system.

Although it is not a pre-requisite for these attunements the Avalonian Alignment Programme is recommended to students as these systems combine very well.  I channelled the AAP in 2006 after a particularly intense experience at Glastonbury Tor while on spiritual retreat/pilgrimage there.  I work regularly with this system in particular at the Beltane season (between the Vernal Equinox and Midsummer) out of personal tradition because the earth tides suit the energy work so well and are very much aligned with those of the Glastonbury portal.  It was while working with AAP in this context in 2012 that I channelled and was guided to share with others the Star of Avalon Ascension Connections.

The detailed 30 page manual explains the process and context of these energies in detail and suggests ways you may incorporate the use of the Ascension Meditation into your life to most effectively initiate and then accelerate the process of spiritual development that will lead you to enlightenment.

Just as the planetary ascension that will be initiated at the Winter Solstice of 2012 will begin a global spiritual ascension, so these attunements allow you to begin to consciously develop spiritually and raise your energy vibration on all levels of your being as you progress towards true wholeness.

As with all Mayastar courses, you will receive relevant course manuals and the five volumes of the Book of Inspiration which give you information about energy healing, metaphysics, spiritual practices, attunements, grounding, energy anatomy and much more.  You will also receive information manuals and the complimentary eBook “The Power of Gratitude”.

All Mayastar courses are professionally accredited by the International Natural Healers Association and World Metaphysical Association.
Your course materials and unlimited support is provided via email; and all attunements are set up individually for you by me at the Lux Aeterna Temple using the Chi Ball/Orb of Life Method (which is explained in detail in the manuals).
You may also visit the website to find more information about me, the Mayastar Philosophy, courses available, how courses work, energy attunements and much more at

Xxx ALM (Maya) | Mystic, Muse & Artist | (FB) (FB) @mayastar @annalouisemay

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