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Indulgent Divulgent from the Heart of Maya ♡ | Expanded from a reply to Mayastar Academy’s FB page |

Sharing a memory and in gratitude of the message and delivery…and to Ms Atkins for a message that I resonated so strongly with, it is no stretch to say It changed my life…gradually…but I never forgot the message or the lady.  ♡

Indulgent Divulgent from the Heart of Maya ♡ |

I remember, when I was about 14,  a particular assembly at my boarding school where the pupils kind of mocked the Head Mistress for being a soft touch. She ignored them. Never confrontational. It was clear other staff members didn’t agree with her ‘turning the other cheek’ and walking away…I don’t mean she mooned them! That was a metaphor!

And besides she had two rottweilers in the shape of the deputy heads that would pick out the trouble makers later and give them pointless tasks for their trouble!

But 27 years on the message of that assembly has stuck with me.

Her point being that there are choices and not always second chances so life should be approached not assuming opportunities today will still be there tomorrow – and in such a way that we don’t live with regets.

That was a synopsis of what was a very empassioned speech. She was kind but staid. Forgiving but aloof. Accepting but kind of stoic. And old fashioned in a way that to be empassioned at all was unusual. So the speech was unusual…perhaps more a heart to heart with the students. And it made an indellible mark on me. I was 14. I hadn’t ever seen anyone make an empassioned speech without a religious context. And I was genuinely moved.

It stands in my mind as being unlike her other assemblies she was so emphatic and animated  during the discourse that.  I don’t think all were pleased about this about this…I caught the deputy heads exchanging glances. But they were ‘by the book’ types. Where stoicism becomes a rod for your back.

I suppose I had assume Ms Atkins was of that ilk. But I was very wrong.

This was clearly important to her. She knew education went beyond teaching. I am sure she was speaking of her own realisations (this was not  religious assembly). And that she genuinely cared that everyone in her care knew this information and didn’t have to learn it the hard way.

I have reflected on it often over the years. And now feel I come to understand it. And I teach the same.

Mayastar has a number of principles that permeate my work and teaching style. And I am truly blessed that my aspergers brain was engaged and listening to her. Maybe the fact she was picked on more than me at school made her seem less of the rottweiler and more “of the people” to me. 

#RussellBrand went to my school briefly…I don’t know if he heard this speech but I don’t think so. I think it is something he would advocate now if he had :)

It seems simple now. I was half hypnotised by the rituals of my life as a boarder and usually stared out windows in assembly (Aspergirls eh!). But she had me engaged. I don’t know if I understood fully her message at the time but I remembered enough of the delivery to know this was important. I will never forget her saying that our only objective in life is “getting it right”.

She was a great teacher. She inspired me a great deal. At first she seemed the least likely person i would listen to.

I feel really honoured to have known her. She can’t imagine the legacy of her words that day and what it meant for me later in other situations as I gained perspective and my own conclusions. But the difference she made to me personally and all aspects of my life is something I will always treasure.

People can be the most amazing people! I have known a lot of them and my work in Metaphysical Solutions and teaching through Mayastar Academy has allowed me to express my soul purpose. And I truly give thanks for Ms Atkins’ speech. Anyone who finds my empassioned teaching irreverent,, know that I teach what I know and I feel passionately about doing so. Such is the nature of the vocation. ♡

Very blessed ♡ Maya


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Dope | Lady Gaga | “My Heart would break without you…might not awake without you” | Current fave song |

Epic performance….

Corks off, it’s on

The party’s just begun
I promise this
Drink is my last one
I know I fkt up again
‘Cause I lost my only friend
God forgive my sins
Don’t leave me, I
Oh, I’d hate myself until I die
My heart would break without you
Might not awake without you
Been hurting low from living high for so long
I’m sorry, and I love you
Stay with me, “Bell Bottom Blue”
I’ll keep on searching for an answer ’cause I need you more than dope
I need you more than dope
Need you more than dope
I need you more than dope
I need you more than dope
Toast one last puff
And two last regrets
Three spirits and
Twelve lonely steps
Up heaven’s stairway to gold
Mine myself like coal
A mountain of his soul
Each day, I cry
Oh, I feel so low from living high
I need you more
Need you more
I need you more than dope

Dead Fly & Poop Cigarettes? Something Doesn’t Smell Right!

Warning over black market cigarettes

“In some cases these cigarettes contained human excrement, dead flies and asbestos, the LGA added.”

…I thought that was standard in tailor-made cigarettes. Though I quit mostly because of cyanide…but wait…so cyanide is ok because it’s in LEGAL packs. And yet dead flies and poop evoke a warning in ILLEGAL ones. This story sounds so far fetched I actually don’t believe it.

I am a non smoker and I quit years back. Partly for cost. Partly because I had come to associate the smell with…pound shops and Lidl…partly because of Keith Richards’ face…mostly because my enjoyment of ballet trumped my enjoyment of cigarettes.

They throw around lists of chemicals in cigarettes and then expect the public to be horrified there may be asbestos in the illegal ones? I have never smoked asbestos, poop or dead flies…I would be stunned if any of them could pass for tobacco.

(NOTE…I am not a believer in the usual conspiracy theories…I am becoming a believer of the contrived conspiracy theories are put out deliberately for the fear factor…keeping the public eye off the ball. Harking back to a recent post…that is exactly why I don’t watch mainstream TV. I don’t know why the propaganda…but a hoo haa over possible dead flies in black market cigarettes from the people who sell you arsenic and lead in your sugar replacement, refined poisonous salt etc etc…I don’t think anyone can honestly believe a word they say. If anyone thinks this article is out there for genuine concern over the danger of smoking poop on the innocent public…there is just no way this ‘news’ is motivated for the good of your health…IMO)

…getting off my soapbox….

Child-Like VS Childish

Busy night with a lull in the middle so am indulging in a guilty pleasure by watching #cbb (Celebrity Big Brother).

I have no idea who any of the people in the house are at all. I haven’t watched mainstream TV for…over a decade. I used to watch cbb because it was short and usually you knew the people in it or some of them. But not knowing who they are doesn’t seem to detract from the shock horror car crash bizarre behaviour from people who for the most part seem to live within the confines of their egos.

In my work I connect with people who are doing the opposite. They are working on self realisation, spiritual development and expressing their higher will…students, clients and artists are of a similar mind to me and I think over time I have come to see people I would have considered normal to often actually be living within the confines of seeking approval and trying to be like others.

I think even it it weren’t for the nature of my work through and, my aspergers would never allow me to consider anyone’s way more valid…or any reactionary ego driven lifestyle appealing…or any compromise to one’s true self anything less than spiritual suicide.

It is still shocking to see adults behaving like kids…forming cliques and mouthing off…threatening others…it is truly shocking.

Child-like is good…childish is most definitely not!

♡♡♡ to my dad for a bumper crop of cheese cake! So yummy :D



Let Them Fly by Kate Rusby

How can you speak when you don’t understand
how can you change what is altered
how can you help when you won’t reprimand
and how can you save what has faltered

the beasts on the wing let them fly
the world in a spin let them fly
and we can watch as they fall
and try not to notice at all

how can you share what you’ve already spent
how can you care for the harmless
how can you take when you have no consent
we will never be charmed by the charmless

the beasts on the wing let them fly
the world in a spin let them fly
and we can watch as they fall
and try not to notice at all

hoe can you talk of the great and the could
wehn all that we hear is deceiving
how can we find what you never could
don’t let us stop you from leaving

the beasts on the wing let them fly
the world in a spin let them fly
and we can watch as they fall
and try not to notice at all

the beasts on the wing let them fly
the world in a spin let them fly
and we can watch as they fall
and try not to notice at all

and we can watch as they fall
and try not to notice at all

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